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smile the constipated way!: June 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GT Bikes 2014

Looks like GT Bicycles have redesigned their suspension system, yay or nay? It looks damn good tho!

GT Sensor 2014
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GT Sensor Carbon Team

GT Sensor Carbon Pro

GT Sensor Carbon Expert

Other variations of the Sensor

GT Force 2014

GT Force Carbon Team

Other variations of the Force

GT Fury 2014

GT Fury World Cup

Other variations of the Fury


Sunday, June 16, 2013

all day Brunch @ Hungry Chimps

Craving for brunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Check out Hungry Chimps by the people behind Play Nation at Prinsep Street.

Set right above Play Nation at Prinsep Street is this cosy corner they call Hungry Chimps, after being there a couple times, I would highly recommend their brunch menu, not much of a dinner place I reckon but do try their dinner menu too! and don't worry, those with sweet tooths, you'd be fairly entertained with their dessert menu.

King Kong Breakfast

Fresh greens were good, fresh, really sweet tomatoes, I especially like mild dressing they used, mushrooms, melted cheese on beef patty, you'd get perfect cheesy fungi-licious aroma, definitely for mushrooms swiss lovers.

Then you have truffle fries that taste like burnt grease, not for everybody but it was good imo(in my opinion), generous serving of pancakes(3!) with maple syrup, do ask for more if the provided maple syrup isn't enough!

Eggs Benedict

Mashed potatoes were okay, noting to shout about, the eggs benedict was good! contributed mostly by the bread, the sauce was mild, personally I would add a tinge of lemon or something to spice up the sauce a little, the poached eggs was well done, the bread was awesome! buttery with a hint of garlic aroma, well eaten together with the egg it's really something I would want for a brunch, who wouldn't desire some comfort food for brunch, aye?

I will definitely be back for more at Hungry Chimps, one thing to take note tho, they can take quite some time to plate your food so do expect to wait a little, on separate experience, there were little to no people at the the tables, still the food took quite some time, it would be good if Hungry Chimps could plate their food faster, then it'd be almost perfect.

and oh, all food on their menu are nett price with no service charge, so.. what are you waiting for? ;)

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