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smile the constipated way!: August 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Owls Brew

Located in a hidden corner along Mackenzie Road, Owls Brew is one of my favorite place to be when I need a quiet place to just chill, talk my heart out with a variety of beer and good food.

I'd let the photos do the talking instead, as much as I want this place for myself, I think I should give it a the publicity it deserves(not that my blog gets a lot of view la! #justsaying).

Quite a selection of beer, reasonably priced, keep in mind no service charge!

I personally recommend the Marmite Pork Chop, well the Owls Platter, nothing to shout about but some comfort finger food! Fish & Chip is not bad as well, the Seafood Bowl is a tad bland.

Want something light? Want something strong? Ask the staff I'm sure he'd be more than glad to assist!

Anyhow, I feel really at home with Owls Brew, perhaps give it a try one day? :)

Owls Brew
146 MacKenzie Road
Singapore 228723