Thursday, August 14, 2014

Owls Brew

Located in a hidden corner along Mackenzie Road, Owls Brew is one of my favorite place to be when I need a quiet place to just chill, talk my heart out with a variety of beer and good food.

I'd let the photos do the talking instead, as much as I want this place for myself, I think I should give it a the publicity it deserves(not that my blog gets a lot of view la! #justsaying).

Quite a selection of beer, reasonably priced, keep in mind no service charge!

I personally recommend the Marmite Pork Chop, well the Owls Platter, nothing to shout about but some comfort finger food! Fish & Chip is not bad as well, the Seafood Bowl is a tad bland.

Want something light? Want something strong? Ask the staff I'm sure he'd be more than glad to assist!

Anyhow, I feel really at home with Owls Brew, perhaps give it a try one day? :)

Owls Brew
146 MacKenzie Road
Singapore 228723

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wheeler's Yard

Hey guys it's me again!

Today I'd bring you through a much hyped bicycle cafe, I believe most of you have seen photos floating around social media platforms with people posting infront of its signature blue door.

So is Wheeler's Yard all just hype? or it's actually worth a visit, read on!

Upon reaching, there was this valet guiding us where to park the vehicle, yup! there is free parking right beside Wheeler's, limited tho!

For those taking public transport or taxi, for your reference, Wheeler's Yard is just a short walk from from Shaw Plaza, not exactly hard to find.
Google Maps, Walking from Shaw Plaza


When we first entered the compound, my impression was wow, pretty huge space huh! in the outdoor area, they had this MRT style uber big fan, it was a hot Sunday afternoon so we decided against sitting outdoors.

when we entered the air-conditioned area, holy shit it was pretty packed! My friend was pretty quick to join the queue while I try to find seats.

We ordered the same thing, the Wheeler's Yard Big Breakfast, how was the food?

Well, no michelin 5 star here but nothing beats comfort food on a lazy Sunday post whatever you did on a Saturday night, decently portioned, comfort taste, the hash brown was a tad too loose tho, falling all over the place.

The ice coffee my friend and the espresso I had was so-so, average beverage.

Check out the Full Menu here!

The YES(s)
1)The Ambience! Uniquely wheeler's, high ceilings, wide space, not often do you get a warehouse space converted cafe do you?
2)The Food, decent portion and price points that won't break the bank, plenty to choose from the Brunch and Dinner menu.

The No(s)
1)The Queue! Please expect to queue in peak hours like Sunday afternoons, if you like quieter place to spend your brunch hours, avoid peak hours!
2)Location! Unless you drive, Balestier ain't exactly accessible.

Final Verdict :

4 out of 5 YUMS, the Ambience alone makes it worthwhile for at least a visit, none of my cycling past has had any influence on this verdict tho! #justsaying

Monday, June 23, 2014

Buy Hair Products Online

Hey guys, been awhile, I shop online frequently, l buy everything and anything online, I'm a strong advocate for online shopping for it's convenience and savings, that said, if possible, please support your local economy! Alright today I'm gonna share my hair product lobang!
For the benefit of international readers, "lobang" is a Malay term for "hole", used in local context it could be used to describe an source, opportunity. e.g 
1)hey Andy I'm looking at this Rolex piece, any lobang
2)looking to buy something? look for Kelvin, he lobang king!

most of my hair products now comes from, ships from the UK for FREE, no minimum spending.

As much as I want to support my local Salon, the markup is just horrendous, take my styling paste for example, I can get them at BeautyBay at half the price, yes, please do compare prices from your local Beauty Language, Venus Beauty and weigh the convenience and amount saved before taking the plunge, at the end of the day, whatever floats your boat ;p 

They have cosmetics, bath and body etc as well, not my forte tho cause I only buy my hair products there, happy shopping! questions? feel free to leave it in the comments, ciao

and oh! wait! these are alternative local sites you can take a look at, bye.

luxola storewide sale 35% 9:00 - 10:00pm local time, GMT +8

p.s I'm not affiliated to any of these sites, if you like what I just shared, please give me a thumbs up in the comments, aye? :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Drinkable Book

Each page is claimed to be able to filter water for about 30 days, reducing bacteria by 99.9% while relaying information on safe drinking practices on its pages.

Raises question on sustainability with any by product these papers might produce in the water.

What's your take on this? Feasible?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tudor Heritage Chrono, My first "Luxury" Timepiece

Hi guys!

Been awhile now, whatever happened to "I should blog more frequently"!

Just recently got my first luxury timepiece per se, it's a Tudor Heritage Chrono with pretty rich history might I add, based on the original 1970 Tudor Chronograph Oysterdate design, I'd let the pictures do the talking instead aye!

And a little Trivia, Tom Cruise was spotted donning the Heritage Chrono in the movie Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

I did however deviate a little from my first love, the Heritage Black Bay, but heck, I really love the Heritage Chrono! It gives off the very vintage-ish sporty, car dashboard display feel. "Tudor?! Cheap cousin of Rolex?!", not a single fuck was given, good day :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

LCHF, Low Carb High Fat Diet

The Journey into LCHF

Recently embarked on a LCHF diet hoping to lose some weight through "proper" diet. YES! High Fat Low Carb.

Had previously tried eating clean, boiled vegetables(big mistake, roast them!), chicken breast, eggs without dressing, yes I had substantial weight lost, but I was "not living", the diet work but failed badly on sustainability, I was always left hungry, unsatisfied, craving for more.

Week 1 into LCHF...

It was surprisingly easy to adopt, considering I'm a rice, noodles and bread guy. It can get real expensive initially because you have to supplement the lost in portion with more servings of meat/vegs and the like.

Shortly I find myself eating a pretty strict LCHF diet, sad to say I could do better without those deep fry chicken(they are the most accessible), best you can do is roasted/grilled imho preferably not laden with all the nasty high saturated/sugar stuff. Herbs, anyone?

It can be quite counterintuitive to consume high fat, but it kind of make sense and when I say high fat, I mean the fats that nature intended, animal fats etc(ironically I used to dodge chicken skin, lard like a plague), not those high in fat processed product. I'm no dietitian but I don't think humans were meant to eat processed high carb food.

Quick Review

1 week into the diet I noticed gradual weight lost, about 1kg+/-, I don't feel as hungry as before(past the initial stage), cannot comment on improved energy level because I haven't exactly been clocking enough hours on my bed.

My sample size however, is still too small for a proper review, will blog about it a month into the diet, stay tuned and wish me luck! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

#NuffnangIs007! @ Fullhouse Signature Singapore

It was pretty cool seeing a couple of famous bloggers in person at the event, bongqiuqiu, xiaxue!

I'd just let the photos do the talking aye!

Judging from the photo booth shots, overdue haircut and I look like I need to hit the gym soon! oh man! :(

anyhow, pretty cool event, can't wait to be in more nuffnang events and perhaps, I can start blogging more regularly? Good day!