Sunday, April 6, 2014

LCHF, Low Carb High Fat Diet

The Journey into LCHF

Recently embarked on a LCHF diet hoping to lose some weight through "proper" diet. YES! High Fat Low Carb.

Had previously tried eating clean, boiled vegetables(big mistake, roast them!), chicken breast, eggs without dressing, yes I had substantial weight lost, but I was "not living", the diet work but failed badly on sustainability, I was always left hungry, unsatisfied, craving for more.

Week 1 into LCHF...

It was surprisingly easy to adopt, considering I'm a rice, noodles and bread guy. It can get real expensive initially because you have to supplement the lost in portion with more servings of meat/vegs and the like.

Shortly I find myself eating a pretty strict LCHF diet, sad to say I could do better without those deep fry chicken(they are the most accessible), best you can do is roasted/grilled imho preferably not laden with all the nasty high saturated/sugar stuff. Herbs, anyone?

It can be quite counterintuitive to consume high fat, but it kind of make sense and when I say high fat, I mean the fats that nature intended, animal fats etc(ironically I used to dodge chicken skin, lard like a plague), not those high in fat processed product. I'm no dietitian but I don't think humans were meant to eat processed high carb food.

Quick Review

1 week into the diet I noticed gradual weight lost, about 1kg+/-, I don't feel as hungry as before(past the initial stage), cannot comment on improved energy level because I haven't exactly been clocking enough hours on my bed.

My sample size however, is still too small for a proper review, will blog about it a month into the diet, stay tuned and wish me luck! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

#NuffnangIs007! @ Fullhouse Signature Singapore

It was pretty cool seeing a couple of famous bloggers in person at the event, bongqiuqiu, xiaxue!

I'd just let the photos do the talking aye!

Judging from the photo booth shots, overdue haircut and I look like I need to hit the gym soon! oh man! :(

anyhow, pretty cool event, can't wait to be in more nuffnang events and perhaps, I can start blogging more regularly? Good day!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cups N Canvas

Haven't had my brunch fix for awhile now, ended up at Cups N Canvas on a lovely Sunday.

Eggs Benedict, nothing to shout about to be honest, there was this weird sour after taste likely from the dressing used, not too bad overall.

All day breakfast, comfort food, nothing more, nothing less.
(bratwurst, scrambled eggs, sauteed mushroom, roasted potato, grilled tomatoes, greens, toast)

Fruit Cake, very generous portion of the fruits smacked in between layers and layers of pastry goodness, prolly not sweet enough by most's standard, however the Vanilla ice cream on top was very sweet which compliments the cake very well.

Service was excellent, ambience was good too, very arty farty feel to it, food overall was just, mediocre at best, sadly. Then again, Cups N Canvas is more of a cafe-studio than a place for brunch.

Halfway through our meal people have gathered and started drawing, which was rather interesting.

p.s apologies for the poorly taken photos with shades of purple, I should so get my lazy ass out to get my phone camera fixed, it's been a whooping 6 months of procrastination already :(

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I won the invites form Nuffnang to #NuffnangIs007!

I won the invites, YES AH!

Both of the invites went to my junk folder, thank god Nuffnang called me, else I would have so missed it!

Can't wait!

Friday, February 21, 2014

WhatsApp bought over by Facebook for 19 Billion, WHY?

For a whooping 19 billion? In context, Instagram's purchase seem like a affordable one now, haha!

Many of you would ask, why? Since WhatsApp is ad-free and very likely to stay that way.

Here is a few articles to answer your queries and satisfy your curiosity.

Facebook to acquire mobile messaging service WhatsApp - Fortune Tech

"As part of the deal, WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum will join Facebook's board of directors. And just as with Instagram, WhatsApp will continue to operate independently under its own brand."

"The service boasts 450 million active users, a number that has more than doubled over the past nine months. What's more, more than 70% of them log on every single day."

WhatsApp reportedly turned down a $10B offer from Google

"Google reportedly didn’t offer WhatsApp a board seat — whereas Facebook gave up a seat to WhatsApp cofounder Jan Koum."

"By offering $10 billion, Google showed that it wasn’t afraid to outspend Facebook’s previously mammoth (and potentially overvalued) purchases. But Google likely couldn’t have guessed that Facebook would offer almost twice as much."

All the Major Companies Worth Less Than WhatsApp

"One of the co-founders, who is now a billionaire with the sale of WhatsApp to Facebook, didn't get hired by Twitter or Facebook in 2009. Now how's that for a happy ending?"

Is WhatsApp Worth $19bn? It Is To Facebook, And Here’s Why

"Facebook bought a network that was a real threat to its existence, that is growing much faster than itself (growth drives valuations) and has almost half as many members already, for only 10% of its value. And it prevented it from going to Google."

"hence an attack on the telco industry, on size alone, it is as big as half of all the texting that goes on in the world."

"WhatsApp killed the I-bill-you-by-text-message telco model. I would not be surprised if WhatsApp next move is to kill the I-bill-you-by-the-minute model. It is not reasonable that Facebook, which wants to connect everyone on the planet, still does not have a platform for people to have actual conversations a la Viber or Skype. I can’t imagine that things will stay this way. And owning the world’s texting and the world’s conversations may very well be worth $19bn."

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I want to be part of #NuffnangIs007 at Fullhouse Signature Singapore!

Alright its gonna be nuffnang's 7th Year birthday bash and I want to be there!

Haven't been blogging fervently for awhile, national service, work, excuses, procrastination and more procrastination, for awhile back then I manage to generate a decent count of page view through a lil seo/seeding and suff like that(nerd stuff), so I thought I'd try something like nuffnang hoping I can "get paid". I mean, seriously, getting paid for blogging? HELL YEAH

To be honest, over 70k total view counts in donkey amount of years, nothing to shout about if anything, but it is with nuffnang where I can see real cha ching being "credited" into my account and I feel comfortable knowing nuffnang is a very localized platform as compared to counterparts like "Gu Ge Ads". Nuffnang is a platform I can relate better to, a little community of bloggers than a very commercialized feel despite being very inactive, hopefully in the near future you'd see my name popping out in the blogosphere!

alright JUST GIVE ME THE GOD DAMN RSVP ALREADY, I promise I'd behave, pretty please? :)


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Post ORD Taiwan Trip

Well this post is long overdue!

Transition was pretty smooth post ORD, nothing more I could ask for, gotten my job confirmation like 2 months prior to ORD so I didn't have to worry about finding a job post trip.

I had the chance to meet quite a number of couchsurfers from the trip, alright I'd let the photos do the talking instead!


ah zhong mian xian

smells like sewage, taste like it? not really!

Friendly locals! In a very localized Club!


Xinyi District


Very expensive "Yum Cha"


Taipei 101


Met my first couchsurfer!

traveller from Hong Kong! look at the lady on the left, whatcha pointing at lady?! lol

First couchsurfing event, team taiwan!

Quite a experience, met csers from all over the world.

super thick, sashimi

Can't wait to be travelling again, one day I'm so gonna try a solo backpacking, come what may, I need new adventures!