Sunday, November 16, 2014

Laos Itinerary - Part 2 : Vang Vieng

Next stop, Vang Vieng.

Took a mini bus in the morning to Vang Vieng, quite a experience, the driver was a hazard to both us the passengers and the other road users swinging wide on the road, brushing really close to oncoming vehicles, horning form start to end and to top it off, chatting, laughing happily with co driver and local passengers. The swiss guy sitting beside me seemed a little worried, I fell asleep, again.

The owner of the accommodation I was checking into is Singaporean! Who would have thought.

Hey pretty, you here to help me with my check-in?

Rented a bicycle, cycled around town, it was a pretty nice experience Vang Vieng has this in the middle of nowhere vibe to it.

Stayed like 2 nights in Vang Vieng.

Was supposed to "party" with Arthur but I was knocked out by what I thought was, some not so potent vodka that kicks in an hour later, LOL.

Arthur, Michael(Hotel Owner) & doh?

Took up the kayaking tour, it was pretty awesome, luckily for me I did not capsized!

Unfortunately no photos, as my camera was spending most of its time in the dry bag
Pretty epic currents here you there, you might not have done kayaking before but no worries, you'd get the hang of it.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Laos Itinerary - Part 1 : Bangkok to Vientiane

something came into me one day and I went, fuck it, let's get on a solo trip to somewhere, just as I was doing my research, getting opinions on the net, couchsurfing etc I chanced upon Laos and decided on it shortly after, why Laos some might ask? no specific reasons why, was hoping for somewhere relatively "untouched".

I flew to Bangkok, got to Hua Lamphong Railway Station to catch my night sleeper train to Nong Kai, to cross the border from Thailand into Laos.

bought the 2nd class tickets, bottom bed with air conditioning, pretty comfy but if you're anything above 1.85cm it can get a little cramp.

it was my first time on a train, as I was laying down, more than I could count it often felt like the train was elevating, it was pretty comfortable tho considering I'm a really light sleeper.

Instead of waiting for the train to cross over to Laos, which I read will take longer, I took a tuk tuk from the border, pass the Thailand border and cross the Friendship Bridge using the shuttle bus.

Nope, this is not a vegan meal, there's actually meat and I think I ordered it wrong cause the portion were huge for a pax!

Beer Lao, nuffsaid!

There seems to be not much to do in Vientiane, really quiet, should have taken the hotel bicycle and explore! instead, I sloth away with food, beers and 2 session of massage, can you blame me? Was really tired with all the travelling, plane, train, bus, tuk tuks, you name it!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Missing Pan, more than just a pretty face?

Chance upon The Missing Pan along Bukit Timah Road.

Had the popular favorite French Toast Salpicon, couldn't help it, that was the first thing that caught my attention as I entered the premises.

Oh boy, it was love at first sight! Unfortunately the taste was subpar, inner fillings was cold, taste was flat, fruits on top were pretty, but just didn't quite go along when eaten as a whole.

The Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshake was delicious tho! I didn't get it pictured, apologies.

Friend went with the La Passion from the desserts menu, didn't quite hit the mark too, the base cream tasted flat, none of it is cold, the cream, the fruits were all room temperature.

Have you ever met a really pretty girl, it was love at first sight but only to find out that's all there is to it? Well my experience at The Missing Pan was kind of like that, unfortunately.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Guide to Buying Your First Luxury Watch

Been working in the watch industry for a year now and having developed a strong personal interest in timepiece, well, here's my take of what to look out for when getting your first luxury piece.

1. The Brand
Would you rather a more reputable brand, with proven track in terms of quality or if you prefer, a more niche/micro brand just to be a little different? Ideally, history of the watchmaker and the actual design of the watch should resonate with you. You can't deny the fact that being seen sporting some of the "household" names like Rolex will almost immediately communicate your "status" and "wealth" per se, instant gratification, ta dah!!! without even  to explain your choice, such is not necessarily the case for some other brands in the same price bracket as Rolex.

2. Movements
In-House Movements v.s your typical ETA Movements, value is very subjective, as for ETA Movements, some see it as why would I pay thousands for a luxury piece with it's movement of relative low cost, commonly used, seen in other make and even in lower price bracket brands, modified or not, when taking only the "value" of the movement alone usually don't justify the cost discrepancy, okay let's face it, as with luxury products, prices are exorbitant, heavily marked up.

In-House Movements on the other hand, there is creativity, innovation, man hours involved in R&D, some of which you cannot put a price tag to, these are what makes In-House Movements more desirable that your typical "mass produced" standard ETA Movements.

That said, servicing an In-House Movement might be an issue, options are limited considering that you might have to send it back to the manufacture for servicing and that raises the question of access, to distributors and dealers in the region. On the other hand, ETA Movements can easily be serviced by any decent independent watchmaker.

3. Design
Dress watches, divers, pilots, casual etc.

Assuming it's gonna be your daily beater, it really depends on what you do for a living, your attire, the nature of your job, you wouldn't want to be sporting a dressy piece in leather strap if your line of work requires you to be outdoors most of the time sweating it out.

4. Features
Honestly tho, the intended purpose of a watch is to tell time, date can come in handy but anything more say chronographs may enhance the look, adding another dimension of complication to the movement, but, do you really use it? let alone need it.

It really boils down to whatever floats your boat for a luxury piece with the above points considered, or perhaps just for flaunting rights(oh come on! I'm sure some of you belong to this category! don't be shy!)? or rewarding yourself for reaching certain milestone? 

Whatever the case, you must like it!

p.s watches, courtesy of a lovely group of friends whom through the passion for watches have we first got acquainted, only the Tudor Heritage Chrono belongs to me.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sunday Folks

Located just minutes walk away from Holland Village MRT you'd find the Soft Serve sibling of Creamier, Sunday Folks! Talk about convenience!

As I entered the premises, big space, lovely setting, not many seating tho, pardon me for the lack of photos, was really excited for my sweet treat post brunch.

As I approach the counter, oh wow the ice cream dispenser is made of brass like material, really nice!

Alright enough of my blabber, here's the om nom!

Not a fan of earl grey but man, the soft served ice cream was good! waffles were freshly made, lovely ambience, reasonably priced, much deserved hype I must say, now what are you waiting for? Go try!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Owls Brew

Located in a hidden corner along Mackenzie Road, Owls Brew is one of my favorite place to be when I need a quiet place to just chill, talk my heart out with a variety of beer and good food.

I'd let the photos do the talking instead, as much as I want this place for myself, I think I should give it a the publicity it deserves(not that my blog gets a lot of view la! #justsaying).

Quite a selection of beer, reasonably priced, keep in mind no service charge!

I personally recommend the Marmite Pork Chop, well the Owls Platter, nothing to shout about but some comfort finger food! Fish & Chip is not bad as well, the Seafood Bowl is a tad bland.

Want something light? Want something strong? Ask the staff I'm sure he'd be more than glad to assist!

Anyhow, I feel really at home with Owls Brew, perhaps give it a try one day? :)

Owls Brew
146 MacKenzie Road
Singapore 228723

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wheeler's Yard

Hey guys it's me again!

Today I'd bring you through a much hyped bicycle cafe, I believe most of you have seen photos floating around social media platforms with people posting infront of its signature blue door.

So is Wheeler's Yard all just hype? or it's actually worth a visit, read on!

Upon reaching, there was this valet guiding us where to park the vehicle, yup! there is free parking right beside Wheeler's, limited tho!

For those taking public transport or taxi, for your reference, Wheeler's Yard is just a short walk from from Shaw Plaza, not exactly hard to find.
Google Maps, Walking from Shaw Plaza


When we first entered the compound, my impression was wow, pretty huge space huh! in the outdoor area, they had this MRT style uber big fan, it was a hot Sunday afternoon so we decided against sitting outdoors.

when we entered the air-conditioned area, holy shit it was pretty packed! My friend was pretty quick to join the queue while I try to find seats.

We ordered the same thing, the Wheeler's Yard Big Breakfast, how was the food?

Well, no michelin 5 star here but nothing beats comfort food on a lazy Sunday post whatever you did on a Saturday night, decently portioned, comfort taste, the hash brown was a tad too loose tho, falling all over the place.

The ice coffee my friend and the espresso I had was so-so, average beverage.

Check out the Full Menu here!

The YES(s)
1)The Ambience! Uniquely wheeler's, high ceilings, wide space, not often do you get a warehouse space converted cafe do you?
2)The Food, decent portion and price points that won't break the bank, plenty to choose from the Brunch and Dinner menu.

The No(s)
1)The Queue! Please expect to queue in peak hours like Sunday afternoons, if you like quieter place to spend your brunch hours, avoid peak hours!
2)Location! Unless you drive, Balestier ain't exactly accessible.

Final Verdict :

4 out of 5 YUMS, the Ambience alone makes it worthwhile for at least a visit, none of my cycling past has had any influence on this verdict tho! #justsaying