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smile the constipated way!: November 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Laos Itinerary - Part 2 : Vang Vieng

Next stop, Vang Vieng.

Took a mini bus in the morning to Vang Vieng, quite a experience, the driver was a hazard to both us the passengers and the other road users swinging wide on the road, brushing really close to oncoming vehicles, horning form start to end and to top it off, chatting, laughing happily with co driver and local passengers. The swiss guy sitting beside me seemed a little worried, I fell asleep, again.

The owner of the accommodation I was checking into is Singaporean! Who would have thought.

Hey pretty, you here to help me with my check-in?

Rented a bicycle, cycled around town, it was a pretty nice experience Vang Vieng has this in the middle of nowhere vibe to it.

Stayed like 2 nights in Vang Vieng.

Was supposed to "party" with Arthur but I was knocked out by what I thought was, some not so potent vodka that kicks in an hour later, LOL.

Arthur, Michael(Hotel Owner) & doh?

Took up the kayaking tour, it was pretty awesome, luckily for me I did not capsized!

Unfortunately no photos, as my camera was spending most of its time in the dry bag
Pretty epic currents here you there, you might not have done kayaking before but no worries, you'd get the hang of it.

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