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smile the constipated way!: October 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Laos Itinerary - Part 1 : Bangkok to Vientiane

something came into me one day and I went, fuck it, let's get on a solo trip to somewhere, just as I was doing my research, getting opinions on the net, couchsurfing etc I chanced upon Laos and decided on it shortly after, why Laos some might ask? no specific reasons why, was hoping for somewhere relatively "untouched".

I flew to Bangkok, got to Hua Lamphong Railway Station to catch my night sleeper train to Nong Kai, to cross the border from Thailand into Laos.

bought the 2nd class tickets, bottom bed with air conditioning, pretty comfy but if you're anything above 1.85cm it can get a little cramp.

it was my first time on a train, as I was laying down, more than I could count it often felt like the train was elevating, it was pretty comfortable tho considering I'm a really light sleeper.

Instead of waiting for the train to cross over to Laos, which I read will take longer, I took a tuk tuk from the border, pass the Thailand border and cross the Friendship Bridge using the shuttle bus.

Nope, this is not a vegan meal, there's actually meat and I think I ordered it wrong cause the portion were huge for a pax!

Beer Lao, nuffsaid!

There seems to be not much to do in Vientiane, really quiet, should have taken the hotel bicycle and explore! instead, I sloth away with food, beers and 2 session of massage, can you blame me? Was really tired with all the travelling, plane, train, bus, tuk tuks, you name it!

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