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Friday, August 31, 2012

我们都不完美 IMPERFECT Movie Review

Caught 我们都不完美, english title IMPERFECT this morning.


Pretty typical Hong Kong Style triad script, considering Director  Steve Cheng Wai Man(郑伟文) is from Hong Kong, that shouldn't be a surprise. I was hoping to see a more local styled Triad plot like what Director Royston Tan(陈子谦) did in his movie, 15

That said, 我们都不完美 still packs a punch, with diverse cast, awesome cinematography and being able to see it unfold in familiar places like Bugis Street, Scape etc.

One slight disappointment tho, there is little to no mass Triad Fight scene where each group will bring their mass of Triad members and slug it out, a pity to leave out such classic scene, rather in the movie it was more
of isolated fights and all.


The movie was pretty fast paced and there weren't much character development, 李南星's character was lacklustre, no depth. But being our Ah-Ge, 李南星 still did his fair part as the story unfolds, I especially liked his classic worrisome expression.

Kimberly Chia 谢静仪 was cute, innocent, just as how the Character was meant to be, and chemistry between her & Edwin Goh 吴劲威 was pretty decent. Puppy Love, those were the days huh? :'(

潘昱达, being the blur funny fat kid and all(no offense 昱达!), foolproof formula.

A very huge surprise came from Actor Patrick li(李沛旭), as I don't recall seeing his shows on tv yet, superb performance, great entertainer!

江祖平 portrayed her role as  Edwin Goh(吴劲威)'s really well, the chemistry was there.

Ian Fang(方伟杰) and Edwin Goh(吴劲威), rising young talents did well in this film, Ian is pretty diverse, he has this natural "want to get beaten" face(which is perfect of this genre of film) but still he was able to pull off the blur student character in Channel 8's 我们等你! Don't Stop Believin.

Edwin Goh(吴劲威) was still doing the same style of character I've seen him on TV so far, still, consistency isn't a bad thing at all!

I would have love to see more character development between the three brothers, Edwin Goh(吴劲威), Ian Fang(方伟杰) and 潘昱达, like probably including a cover story form the start of how they became friends, that would at least portray their bond more than just an untold given bond they have from the start of the plot.

To sum it up..

I don't understand how the movie is given the NC16 rating, which is going to hurt the boxoffice because teenagers would make a big part of the target audience. 

The movie portrayed Family, Friendship and sadly what some youths are going through, bully, anger, peer pressure, making wrong decisions early in their life, regrets, as the saying goes, 环境逼人.

Worth every single penny and time spent! 

4 popcorns from me!

Please do give the movie a try, support local production! 

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